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Prevents Weeds in Granite Areas for 6 Months with Pre-Emergent

Prevents Weeds in Granite Areas for 6 Months with Pre-Emergent

On Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016,  I-17 in Phoenix, AZ was closed at Indian School Road due to the complete flooding of the highway after there was a 100-year flood in that area.   After big rains in the Phoenix area, we usually see a spike in phone calls and emails requesting cleanups from our non-regular maintenance costumers.   It usually takes about 4 weeks but we get calls to do many cleanups and it made me think that this was a great time to talk about a way to prevent this by applying a pre-emergent down that will guarantee the granite areas will not get weeds for 6 months.

I like to refer this product as “birth control” for weeds that prevents the seeds from germinating in your yard.  The 6-month warranty means that when you get weeds after this service, our contractor will go out and spray them for absolutely free.  Pre-emergent prevents 95% of all weeds and if your lawn gets weeds normally, you will see that you will eventually stop getting weeds all together.  This service requires a license to apply it from the Arizona Office of Pest Management so we have a contractor we use to subcontract this out for our customers so you only need one contact.  However, if you want to just have this service please call us and we can put you in touch with our contractor.  Many pest control companies also carry this license if you have a pest management company already.

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