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THE JUICE IS WORTH THE SQUEEZE: Eli Hall, Owner of AMS Landscaping

Eli is was nominated by James Nickles of Beyond Development to be one of the 13 Business owner featured in the Art of Fearlessly Doing Business (AoFDB) Project hosted by Michelle Micalizzi of Fearlessly Deliver.
The AoFDB is a unique visual journalism project celebrates the fearless entrepreneurial spirit and art.  Each Event highlights thirteen unique and fearless business leaders. Visual Journalist, Michelle Micalizzi, captures the spirit, motivation and lessons learned of each subject in a painting. Michelle’s use of mixed mediums enhances the texture, color and lighting so that the genuine essence of the subject is actualized. Paintings for the project provide both aesthetic intrigue and valuable entrepreneurial insight. Each Illustration is accompanied by a blog post that notes what we might learn from this leader about being fearless and the YouTube Video of the fearless interview with the business leader. A percentage of sales from The AoFDB project is donated to art or business related charities every year.
Check out the blog and art inspired by this YouTube Video at  fearlesslydeliver.com/EliHall
You’re an invited to attend the ART OF FEARLESSLY DOING BUSINESS III – OPENING:
DeskHub – Scottsdale
May 5 | 6-9PM
Charity: Contemporary Forum, A Phoenix Art Museum Support Organization
Michelle Micalizzi is a Visual Journalist, Curator & a Business Executor. Her company Fearlessly Deliver believes that Art is Business and Business is Art! Michelle uses her ability as a Visual Journalist in her Art of Fearlessly Doing Business Series to tell the story of Entrepreneurship and she is the curator of the Fearless Pop Up Project. fearlesslydeliver.com
For Other 2017 EVENTS: fearlesslydeliver.com/fearlessart

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