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How to Kill Weeds Without Harming Your Shrubs

Do you have Bermuda grass growing inside your shrubs? Bermuda grass will grow much faster than the shrub if you attempt to pull the grass or weeds out of the shrub. You will most likely be unable to get the entire root system out. There are two easy ways to kill weeds without harming your shrubs.

First, trim the shrub down to get access to the roots of the Bermuda grass. Second, you can treat the Bermuda grass with a product called Fusilade that will kill the Bermuda grass without harming your broad leaf shrubs. Fusilade was designed to only kill Bermuda grass. You can kill the grass to its roots and stop it from growing in order to remove this grass without having to cut back or remove the shrub altogether.

Here is a link to purchase Fusilade online:


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