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Vines That Grow Well In The Phoenix Area

Are you looking for vines that grow well in the Phoenix area? The Desert Southwest landscape provides us with many options to help cover a wall or fenced in area.  You will want something that does not grow too aggressive but still fast enough to comfortably get established and still easy to maintain. The Creeping Fig vine, also known as Ficus Pumila, is a great choice. These vines can grow all the way up a 2-3 story building or wall. They also grow up and out and not in layers so when you trim the vine, it does not look stressed or dead. It also easily attaches to walls without much help from hooks or a trellis, since it naturally spreads and attaches to walls.

It takes moderate water, we recommend watering 1-hour daily in the summer with 2 gallon per hour drip emitters or every 3-4 days for 30 minutes in the winter months. New vines start out with smaller leaves and as the plant matures the leaves can get as large as 1″ or more. The vines in this video are about 10-15 years old.

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