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Why Do People Paint Citrus Tree Trunks White In Phoenix?

Do you ever ask yourself, “Why do people paint Citrus Tree trunks white in Phoenix?”  If you’re not originally from Phoenix, AZ, you probably have.

Citrus trees are prone to sunburn, and that is why you will see these types of fruit trees painted with white or brown paint in central Phoenix. Many orchards will grow these trees low to the ground so they shade the tree trunk and yield more fruit. From this video you will see the damage from the sun on the tree trunk.  The first symptom is tree stress at the top with yellowing leaves or losing leaves completely. If you can plant a tree near a wall and grow the tree in a way that will shade the tree trunk early you can sometimes get away without having to paint or wrap it in gauze (or tree wrap) to keep the sun off.

Here are a few links to some tree paint and tree wrap online:



Citrus trees are the most prone to sunburn, especially here in Phoenix. The trunk will start to peel off and the damage will eventually kill the tree. Once this starts and if the damage is already bad, it is difficult to save the tree.  We always try to see if we can get the tree to last as long as possible.

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