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How To Program Your Irritrol Rain Dial Controller

Are you frustrated trying to set your timer for your sprinklers? This video will show you how to program your Irritrol Rain Dial Controller to your yard. In this video we will set the timer to the water lawn sprinklers only, but it will help you understand how to set this timer for your home.

First, you must set the bottom middle switch to the “SET PROGRAMS” (this is the timers on/off switch). When you are in the “SET PROGRAMS” setting you can make adjustments to any part of the program but you MUST remember to set the timer to the RUN position when you are finished.

One of the most confusing parts of the timer is the switch on the top left of the controller that gives you options for A, B, or C.  This is made to separate your plants, trees, and lawn from running together. You may sometimes need to run your turf multiple times in a day while running your trees and plants every other day or even less frequent. You can actually program some STATIONS on Program A to run just the lawn and other STATIONS on Program B so that they don’t run together.

In this video we will set Program A to run STATIONS 1-6 (lawn stations) to run 30-40 minute run times for our MP Rotators. In order to program, we want it set to “Program A” on the far left switch, and then move the center dial to each numbered station to set the times for each one using the buttons on the top right of the controller (+ & -) .

The next setting to program is the water days.  You can move the dial to the day you want to water and use the buttons on the top right (+ & -) to set each day to the ON or OFF position on the screen of the controller. You also have a skip day option if you prefer to use that instead, however, we like to pick the water days so we know when it is watering.

The last thing to program is the run start time for each program.  Just move the dial to START TIME 1 to set the time when you want the entire program to run and it will cycle through each station one at a time on the entire program. This is a great place to set multiple watering start times if you want to split your watering throughout the day. This helps when you have heavy run off, pooling water, or hills that don’t get enough water on the tops. We also set three watering times in October if you are overseeding with winter rye in the Fall.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to the watering schedule, here is a recommendation starting point to water for each season. Keep in mind that not all yards are the same and if you want to get quicker results, you may want to sometimes water very heavy for a week or two. Also, there are other properties that are heavy shade or poor drainage that my require less water.


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