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DIY: How to Test the Soil in Your Lawn

How to Do a DIY Soil Test

Do you ever wonder why your lawn or parts of your lawn just seem to never look good? Maybe it’s time to test the soil. This short video will show you how to test the soil in your lawn.

You must start with a soil sample tool to get a quality sample of the soil between 6″-8″ of dept in about 10 different areas of the lawn. You can use a shovel or trowel to do this but the best tool is made for these samples and here is an amazon product that can be purchased just for this job:


You will also need a ziplock bag for the samples to keep them separate from exposure to other elements. You will also want to water the turf areas the night before to make it much easier to get deep samples throughout the yard.

Also, be certain to remove any turf or roots from the soil sample and you can mix these samples together in one ziplock bag. Once you have these samples, we recommend that you take your sample to a lab that will do a soil analysis.

We like using Ewing Irrigation since they have several locations throughout the valley:


Once you have the analysis, they will also make recommendation on how to improve your soil. In Phoenix, we usually have high amounts of salt and lack of nutrients that may be the cause of poor turf conditions. We will have another video on the results from this soil test after the analysis comes back.

If you have any questions please contact AMS Landscaping at www.azlawns.com.

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