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4 Landscaping Red Flags Real Estate Agents Need To Point Out

Landscaping Red Flags to Watch For

This video is about pointing out the 4 landscaping red flags real estate agents need to point out to their clients when  buying a new home.

1.) Water erosion near walls or the house is the first red flag we look for when reviewing a new property.

This can be a problem with water damage to paint and stucco on homes, damage to block walls with salt damage markings on either side of the masonry when water is constantly hitting any type of hardscape.

That is why many homes have the patch of grass in the front and/or back yard to keep the water away from foundations of any kind. Also, heavy water near the home can make it easier for termites to find there way into your home so it is best to keep turf away.

2.) Poor irrigation or coverage is the second red flag we look for and we can offer an audit of the sprinkler system to make sure you have optimum coverage in all turf areas and emitters going to each and every tree and plant.

The coverage issue on the turf can be a problem since it can be costly to add sprinkler heads or sometimes there is not enough pressure for that and the cost can be expensive when you need to add another valve.

However, with the latest technology you can sometimes use MP Rotators to replace your current pop-up sprinkler heads which cover larger areas more thoroughly than typical sprinkler heads and use 1/3 of the amount of water which requires less pressure.

3.) Wrong plants in the wrong place is the third red flag we look for when looking at a new home.

Many times we see beautiful bougainvillea plants placed near walkways or driveways because they are so pretty but are not placed in areas that allow them to grow fully mature without encroaching onto walkways or driveways.

If a plant is placed to close it will need to be trimmed more frequently and because of this you will likely not get to enjoy the blooms. Also, bougainvilleas are terrible for back yards with pools because the flowers will often shed into the pool since they grow and bloom so much so faster.

4.) Water drainage/grading issues is the last and most important red flag to look for when purchasing a new home because it is the most expensive to fix, if it can be fixed at all. 

If you are standing on the back patio of a home and it looks as though as all of the landscaping is higher than the patio this can be a problem if the drainage isn’t diverted to NOT FLOW towards the house and into the home.

You can usually see water erosion near rain gutters or the edges of the home where rain would pour off of the home. See if you can find where the path of the water flows and make certain it is not into the home.

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