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Pros and Cons of Overseeding in Phoenix

Overseeding in Phoenix Pros and Cons

I get asked all the time, “What are the Pros and Cons of Overseeding in Phoenix?”

Here are the Pros to having a winter lawn planted in Arizona:

  1. The lawn will be green between October and April which is much better looking than dormant Bermuda grass
  2. We spend more time outdoors during the Fall and Winter months here in Phoenix and get to enjoy the yard more
  3. Ryegrass uses less water than Bermuda grass because of the cooler temperatures
  4. Ryegrass protects Bermuda from heavy traffic and erosion from water damage
  5. A green lawn prevents dust as compared to dormant Bermuda grass

Here are the Cons to having a winter lawn planted in Arizona:

  1. Upfront cost of planting the ryegrass with cost of seed, labor, and heavy water in the beginning
  2. Uses more water compared to dormant Bermuda, almost no water is needed when Bermuda is dormant
  3. The maintenance cost whether it’s the cost of a service or the cost of your time to mow it
  4. There is environmental cost like fossil fuels it takes to use a mower which would not be needed for dormant Bermuda
  5. Stress of Bermuda grass during the Spring green-up. This is the transition period from rye to Bermuda in April.

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