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Which Winter Rye Grass Fertilizer Should I Use?

Which Winter Rye Grass Fertilizer Should I Use?

Are you looking for a great turf fertilizer for your winter lawn that you recently planted in Phoenix, Arizona and the Desert Southwest? There are specialized fertilizers for the fall and winter months to keep your yard green. Your local garden center or Home Depot will have great products that can be used during this time of year. This video is about two (2) products we found at a local Home Depot.

Scott’s Turf Builder Starter Fertilizer

Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer

Both of these contain lots of nitrogen which is important when our temperatures get below 60 degrees at night. It is vital that winter rye grass is fed every 6-8 weeks to keep it looking green and beautiful. The second ingredient is also very important when you fertilize the first time since the Phosphorus is what contributes to strong root growth which is the part of the plant that grows most in the cooler months. The three (3) numbers on a fertilizer bag represent, Nitrogren – Phosphorus – Potassium, so the first two (2) numbers are the most important for the fall.

Here is a great article from the University of Arizona on overseeding winter grass into Bermuda grass and their recommended fertilizer choice that can be purchased at a local Ewing Branch:


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