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I Can’t Ever Reach My Landscaper!

5 Reasons Some Landscapers are Unresponsive

I cannot reach or communicate with my landscaper! Have you ever felt that it is difficult to reach or communicate with your landscaper?

Not being be able to reach your landscaper is the most common thing we hear in our industry, whether they never return calls or text messages to not being clear with what is being done or if they clearly understand what you want done from week to week. Communication is key in any business relationship and slow response or no response at all is unacceptable.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Landscapers Are Not Responsive or Do Not Call You Back:

1. They can’t answer their phone because they are a one truck operation and many times are doing the work themselves so they many times can’t even hear the phone let alone have time to answer. We recommend having a separate office line where someone is available to answer and coordinate with the crew to handle things for the client. Or have an answering service or virtual assistant can also help with taking calls when things get overwhelming during peak season.

2. Some landscapers may find out that they are in over their heads and possibly underbid the property and instead of communicating with the homeowner they will just provide their service last or not at all when they are busy. (usually by pushing better paying work first). We all make mistakes but honoring the agreement is vital and giving the homeowner time (maybe 30-60 days) to find new service before pricing is increased.

3. Other landscapers have staffing issues and finding good help can prevent them from completing work that they have committed to. When this happens communication is key again, letting clients know when you are unable to complete the job on that day and what day the service will need to be moved to.

4. Landscaper says he is going to do something extra like make an irrigation repair and never gets to it. We find it is key to have separate crews that handle this work so that the regular staff does not get overwhelmed and are still able to address the concerns of the homeowner so they are not waiting weeks or even months for simple things to be addressed.

5. Lastly, other landscaping services like installation or consultation should be referred out so the landscaping company is not biting off more than they can chew. The landscaping field is large and includes many different aspects. Here are some other services that are related to landscaping that your landscapers should have referrals for since no one can be the “best at everything.”

– plant or tree diagnosis
– landscape design
– tree trimming above 12 feet
– tree fertilization
– stump grinding
– grading
– artificial turf
– decorative concrete curbing
– pre-emergent (weed prevention)
– walls, fencing & gates
– saguaro installation
– large tree transplanting
– large commercial or HOA’s

These are just some of the specialties that you may run into just in our industry alone.

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