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How to Keep Phoenix Coyotes Out of Your Yard

How to Keep Phoenix Coyotes Out of Your Yard

It’s important to keep your landscape clean and clear around your property’s outer walls so you’re not attracting smaller rodents that can possibly attract wild coyotes.  At AMS Landscaping we recommend keeping all your trees, bushes and flowers cut back and cleaned on a regular basis to prevent this.  However, we know living in the desert southwest, we can’t keep all the natural wildlife out.

I recently found a very cool product made just for keeping coyotes out of your yard.  Please watch my full video above and check out the product details by clicking on the link below:


This product attaches to the top of your fence or wall and will prevent the coyotes from jumping up and pulling themselves up and into your yard.  They will simply roll back from where they attempted to jump from.

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