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When Is Overseeding Scheduled In Phoenix

When Is Overseeding Scheduled In Phoenix

In this video I will explain the best time to get a hold of AMS Landscaping to schedule your winter overseeding.

Overseeding is the process of scalping and thatching you’re Bermuda Grass in preparation for perennial Rye Seed that will grow from October through April the following Spring.  Most grass that grows throughout the summer months will go dormant starting in October and there is a small window for you to germinate the seed for a lush, green lawn throughout the upcoming winter months.

It’s best to get a hold of AMS Landscaping in late August or early September, in order to get your overseeding scheduled and completed before the end of October.  Also, Rye Seed needs to be ordered in advance and the optimum time for planting it is between September 20th and October 15th.  If you’re a little behind, you can usually get away with planting Winter Rye as late as Halloween, but we really recommend that it gets done a few weeks earlier.

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