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Best Tips To Water Your Grass Hills In Phoenix

Best Tips To Water Your Grass Hills In Phoenix

Watering grassy areas that are on hills or slopes can be very difficult here in Phoenix, AZ.  Many times when you run your sprinklers, the water will run down the hill and will puddle up at the bottom, and will even run down your street.  More importantly, the top of the hill or highest part of the lawn is not getting enough water.

This can be especially difficult when our professional landscapers are scalping and overseeding for a winter lawn because it is vital to keep the seed moist for 2-3 weeks during the germination period.  At AMS Landscaping, when we scalp and plant winter rye seed on areas that have hills or slopes, we run the water with more frequent start times.  For example:

– Normally, we will water three (3) times per day for 10-minute run cycles with pop-up sprinklers.

– But with hills or slopes, we water six (6) times per day for 5-minute run cycles with pop-up sprinklers.

This allows us to keep the top of the hill moist more frequently with more start times, to give less time for the water to run off.  This will also give the top of the hill more opportunity to absorb the water to keep the grass and seed healthy.

We find that hills and slopes always require more start times in order to keep them greener on our tough Arizona desert soil that is slow to absorb moisture to keep the grass healthy.

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