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When Is The Best Time To Water Your Lawn In Phoenix

It may seem like a silly question to a lot of people but we get asked this question all the time – When is the best time to water your lawn in Phoenix?  So many people move to the valley each year from cooler climates and they’re having to re-learn how to take care of their lawn.

My latest video will answer this very question for all of you that are afraid to ask.  Thank you for watching!

The BEST TIME TO WATER IS IN THE MORNING!  Regardless if it is in the summer or the winter months.  The summer is for obvious reasons.  The evaporation of water during our hot summer days can be wasteful and watering during the day can also be harmful for leaves on some shrubs.  The winter months is important to water later in the morning so that the water does not freeze on your lawn (which is rare) but this can cause mold or even damage your landscaping from the frost.

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