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Are you a frequent Yelper?  If you recently contacted us through Yelp, you probably answered all of the questions that Yelped asked about your upcoming landscape project or lawn care service request.  These questions are great for landscapers like me to better understand what you need and what part of Phoenix, AZ you live in.  Our staff has been able to better streamline and automate the “Request A Quote” process through Yelp by getting you an estimate quicker, based off of your lot size online.  We can bid your property without ever going onsite that same day.  All we need from a potential new customer is:

  1. Physical Address
  2. Daytime Phone Number
  3. Email Address

With this information we can get you a 2-week or 4-week price for regular lawn care maintenance and we can even give you a ballpark price for the initial cleanup.  Most of the time the first service will require an initial cleanup but not every time. We find that if you are looking for a new yard clean up service, it’s only been a short time since your last service or you are not completely satisfied with the current lawn service, and those concerns need to be addressed on the very first visit.  If you’re short for time and want an accurate estimate now for the cleanup, all we ask of you is to take 2-3 current pictures of both your front and backyard and we can give you a more accurate price, based off your lot size and pictures.

When we send our bid out to you via email, you will get a full description of what is included in the yard maintenance service, which can also be found online here:


Please contact AMS Landscaping at (602) 944-0421 or go to our website at azlawns.com.

To see what is included in our regular landscape maintenance and lawn care cleanups, please click azlawns.com/disclosures.

If you would like to see some recent pictures of our lawn care work, please click azlawns.com/pics.

We also offer many other landscaping services and offer great tips and offers on our Landscape Blog, Facebook and YouTube.

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