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Katie Ruellia Plants Are Great For Small Areas

Katie Ruellia shrubs (botanical name is Ruellia brittoniana) are great plants for smaller areas that need to remain green throughout the year, but not take up too much space.
These shrubs have a dense long dark green leaf with purple or pink flowers. They are a short ground cover shrub that gets to be a foot tall in height and between 1-3 feet in diameter. They are thornless with low litter and do best in full sun, and can take our cold winters without much damage from frost.
They are low water use desert plants but if you would like to see our recommended watering schedule for this shrub please go to azlawns.com/watering. These Katie’s prefer acidic soil but can take some alkalinity in the soil and are non-allergenic. Here are a few more great links about this shrub;

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