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What Is Winter Overseeding?

Why is everyone talking about winter lawn overseeding here in Phoenix? 

Every October here is Phoenix the grass that grows here in the Spring and Summer months does not grow from November through February.  Because of this the term “winter overseeding” or “scalping & overseeding” is usually starting to get mentioned in the landscaping circles.  Overseeding is a process we do here in the desert to keep our lawns green during those few short winter months.  Here is a picture of 2 lawns side-by-side of what a winter lawn will look like over the dormant bermuda after November.

If you have a bermuda lawn here in Arizona this lawn will not die, in fact it will just go dormant until it warms back up in March.  Because of this, it is not required to have a winter lawn and unlike bermuda grass the winter lawn does have to be replanted each year since the perennial rye seed that gets put down in October will not survive our harsh summers.  Here at AMS Landscaping we find that about 20% of our clients that have lawns will choose to have this process done to the lawn for the winter months.  Here is a link to a DIY video blog on how to do this process yourself;


This process needs to get done no later than Halloween but we actually recommend getting it done between October 1-15th each year.  However, if you would like to get a free estimate for this overseeding service to get done at your home we can get you an instant estimate right over the phone or if you fill out the online form on our website at azlawns.com without ever having to go onsite to your property.  We use online tools to measure the square footage and can calculate the cost and send you the estimate over in writing.

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