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5 Weeks Of Winter Overseeding Growth After Scalping In Phoenix

Did you plant a winter lawn this year and want to have a shared experience of how the grass should come in after your scalp and plant in October? That’s what this video is about, I have three examples of how the winter rye was growing over the past five weeks after planting the winter perennial rye seed at my home.  We scalped and planted my personal residence early this year to get it out of the way early and I wanted to show clients what the experience is like while waiting to see when the grass seed comes in.  Here is the sequence of events;

  • Scalped and planted on 9/25
  • The first video is 2 weeks later 10/10
  • The second video is 3 weeks later on 10/19
  • The third video is 5 weeks later on 11/2

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