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Why Is The Rock Yellow?

Why Is The Landscaping Rock Sprayed Yellow?

Have you ever driven by a community or strip mall that looks like the rocks have been sprayed with yellow dye? The rock or granite in common areas are usually treated 1-2 times per year with a product that prevents weeds from growing by preventing broadleaf weeds from germinating. 

Preventing the germination of seeds will keep these areas clear of weeds after a rain.  The product that is used that has this yellow color is called Pendulum and is not made to harm plants or even lawns but only prevent seeds from growing. 

Pendulum is a type of pre-emergent that guarantees against weeds from growing for up to 6 months.  See this link to learn more about this product;


This is a commercial grade product that usually gets mixed in a large tank and applied to these rock areas.  The yellowing usually only lasts about a week before the sun will dissipate the coloring and they do well after they are watered in with a rain.

In some cases you will also see green or blue chemicals applied to existing weeds and that is a post emergent like Roundup that is used to kill existing weeds and the blue coloring used is dye to see where the chemical is applied in larger areas and also wears off after about a week in the sun.

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