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Learn More About the Rosemary Shrub

Rosemary Plant (Rosmarinus officinalis)

The rosemary shrub comes in 2 different varieties (upright and trailing).  The rosemary bush is a short plant that grows very small green leaves with small blue flowers (there are pink and white varieties also).  The upright shrub grows to be about 2-4 feet tall (1-2 feet for trailing variety) and gets to be about 2-6 feet in diameter.

The shrub is thornless with very low litter, so it does well near borders or around pools.   It blooms in spring with a great fragrance, and it grows best in full sun but does grow in partial sun areas. 

Rosemary is green all year and very frost tolerant for our winters, so this shrub will not look bare in the Arizona desert winters. 

How to water your Rosemary Plant

It does need regular watering cycles when you first get it established, but can be taken off of the landscaping irrigation after a few years, since it is a desert adaptable plant.

See recommended watering schedule at azlawns.com/watering

These shrubs do need good drainage to keep roots healthy.  It also has a great fragrance and is used for seasoning when cooking with pork.

For more information about the Rosemary Plant

Check out this great blog from the Arizona Cooperative Extension office


Here is a direct link to these shrubs on Moon Valley Nurseries website;


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