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Why Does My Yard Have Dead Spots in Spring?

Spring has sprung in Arizona (and that’s saying a lot)! The temperatures are warming up and we’re beginning to see some signs of grass coming back.

Reasons Why Yard Have Dead Spots in Spring

Unfortunately, we’re still seeing some areas of our lawn where the winter rye, when it begins dying back, leaves little circular patches of brown until the Bermuda fill in. This usually happens between March, April & May in Phoenix. 

These areas start in the full sun areas and the ryegrass can sometimes last into early summer in the shaded areas.  

How to Address Dying Spots of Rye Grass 

Dead spots in lawn.

We find most of our clients are happy when we increase the water to these areas and also apply a turf fertilizer for the Bermuda (or any summer variety) to fill in these dying spots of ryegrass. 

If you want to thin out these dead areas, we can do that by thatching them, which pulls lots of the dead ryegrass out to make room for the dormant Bermuda lawn. 

When increasing the water we will sometimes double the watering times for just a short week or two to help during this time as well. 

Here is our normal recommended watering schedule: azlawns.com/watering

If you would like to see some current pictures of our work please click azlawns.com/pics.

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