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Live Oak Trees Are Great Shade Trees With Little Shedding

Live Oak Trees Are Great Shade Trees With Little Shedding

Are you looking for a low shedding shade tree for your property here in Phoenix? The Southern Live Oak tree is perfect for just that very thing.  These trees sometimes goe by the common names Texas Live Oak, Heritage Live Oak and the botanical name is Quercus Virginana.  Southern live oaks are excellent trees for Phoenix due to their extreme drought tolerance and ability to survive in many soil types. The oak has acorns that are loved by wildlife like deer, squirrels, and jays. On top of that you can even make your own Southern Live Oak acorn flour . The wood of this tree was used in the past to build buildings and furniture in Florida.

These trees have a dense evergreen leaf and thick canopy so the tree fills in nicely with a wide crown.  The leaves start off small but can grow to an oblong 5” leaf.  The trunk has a rugged look but can get sun scalding if there is extreme sun exposure to the trunk.  These trees can get 40-50 feet tall but take many years to grow and very low maintenance.  The width can get up to 40 feet and these trees are thornless with very little litter and evergreen all year.  These trees are also very hardy to our summer and winter climates so it doesn’t lose its leaves throughout the year.  It is very desert adaptable and does not require heavy water but will grow faster and thicker if watered more regularly with the rest of your landscaping.  Here is a link to our recommended watering schedule;


Maintaining Live Oak trees only require elevating the canopy at the base and remove root suckers.  These trees are not meant to be thinned out in the crown and the monsoons usually dont impact these trees.  These trees are also very adaptable to our soil and can handle even salty soil.  They are native to Coastal plains in the Southeastern US but they are prone to spider mites.

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