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Are Your Trees Stressed Out this Summer?

Are Your Trees Stressed Out This Summer?

The Arizona Community Tree Council along with a few other tree and plant organizations have put out a URBAN TREE STRESS ALERT on June 21st 2021!


What we need to do

The excessive heat we have received over the past few weeks has taken its toll on urban trees that are in Central Phoenix.  Because many of these trees are native and do not have drip irrigation to them we are asking communities to run a slow drizzle with your hose at least once or twice a week for at least an hour or 2 so that the ground gets a slow deep watering to access the roots of these urban trees.


Symptoms to look for

Look for yellowing, brown or graying leaves or needles, or drooping branches or leaves.  If you see excessive leaf shed for this time of year or thinning canopies of trees this can be signs that the excessive heat is impacting the tree.


Where to water

Water near the root zone which is the outer edge of the canopy.


When to water

Water in the evenings when the sun is set to minimize evaporation.


How long to water

Water a slow drizzle from a hose for at least an hour or 2 to get a deeper watering to the roots of these trees.  Heavy water flow will cause waste and shallow water into the ground.


How often to water

Water at least once per week at least but depending on the stress of the tree we would recommend watering 2-3 times a week until the tree shows signs of new growth.


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