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5 Great Shrubs To Plant In The Fall Here In Phoenix

5 Great Shrubs To Plant In The Fall Here In Phoenix

This blog is about what plants are great to plant going into September and October as we cool off here in the Fall of Phoenix.  Because we cool off quickly here in the Arizona desert (we reach 60 degrees at night by mid-October), it can make it challenging for shrubs to get established before the winter months which can be hard on some desert plants.  These are 5 great examples of hardy shrubs that once established do really well in both the extreme winters and extreme summers here in the Valley of the Sun.  There are many more that can do pretty well, but here are 5 we love here at AMS Landscaping.


  1. Texas Sage (or Leucophyllum frutescens) have great color twice per year with small purple flowers and stay green all year if watered properly.  Here is a great link with more information about this great shrub. amwua.org/plant/texas-sage
  2. Flame Honeysuckle (or Anisacanthus quadrifidus v. wrightii) has a pretty orange/red flower with light green leaves and attracted wildlife like hummingbirds.  Here is a direct link about these plants  amwua.org/plant/flame-honeysuckle
  3. Baja Fairy Duster (or Calliandra californica) is a cool shrub that has a dark leaf with a pretty red puffy flower that blooms most of the year.  These shrubs get to be about 5 feet tall and here is more information about them amwua.org/plant/baja-fairy-duster
  4. Deer Grass (or Muhlenbergia rigens) are cool looking patches of grass that look best when they are planted in groups and are very low maintenance.  Check out more about these bushes here amwua.org/plant/deer-grass
  5. Trailing Rosemary (or Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Prostratus’) are a small shrub/ground cover that have a nice fragrance and small light blue flower.  See more about this plants here amwua.org/plant/trailing-rosemary
Most cactus and succulents also do well when planted in the fall and can take the frost of the winter much better then most plant material.  If you would like to see more options for desert adaptable plants we recommend checking out all the shrubs on theArizona Municipal Water Users Association website here; http://www.amwua.org/plants.
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