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Rain Bird ESP-TM2 Irrigation Sprinkler Timer with WiFi Module

Rain Bird ESP-TM2 Irrigation Sprinkler Timer with WiFi Module 

This controller is a great commercial grade timer that can be upgraded with a WiFi module to control with an app on your phone.  Rain Bird has been making automatic sprinkler systems since the 60s and this timer works great for when you want to make adjustments at the actual timer and still have the ability to test and adjust the system from your phone.  Because it has access to the internet, it can use weather data to optimize watering for your home by decreasing the amount of water your yard gets when it gets cooler or even shut it down when it rains.  

The app is super easy to link and adjust, the top of the app shows the days you want to water.  Next you can control the seasonal adjustment by setting the program to the summer schedule so the timer can use weather data to decrease the water in the winter months.  The next option is soil type which is handy if you know what type of soil you have on your property.  Start times is next, which can add several if you have to water hills or separate your watering times for any other reason.  The last setting is the run times for each station which can also easily be adjusted.  The best part is when you make adjustments on the timer you will see it updated on your app or if you adjust the app it will show up on the controller.
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