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Rain Bird R-VAN Spray Nozzle Sprinkler Sale!

Rain Bird R-VAN Spray Nozzle Sprinkler Sale!

Are you having poor sprinkler coverage to your lawn?  Maybe there is lots of wasteful overspray?  We are offering a discount on the RainBird R-VAN sprinkler nozzles that will solve many of these problems.  We are offering 20% off to replace these nozzles which normally cost $25 each installed (sale price is $20 each thru 1/31/22) to optimize your lawn for a more efficient better coverage.  

These sprinklers use about 35% of the amount of water a normal pop-up sprinkler uses so they require less pressure and give the ground more time to absorb the water for less run off or pooling of water at your property.  This will both decrease your water bill and improve your lawn with much better accurate coverage.  

Also if you are having pressure issues with your lawn this many times will resolve that problem with the less pressure each head requires to operate.  Only about ⅓ of the amount of water volume is needed and therefore pressure needed reduces to about the same amount.  

Finally these sprinklers will resolve coverage issues with bare areas that may not be getting enough water.  They are able to do this with the streams that rotate at different lengths to optimize coverage all around the sprinkler head.

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