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DIY- How To Manually Run A Sprinkler Valve

DIY- How To Manually Run A Sprinkler Valve

Would you prefer to run your lawn sprinklers or drip irrigation directly from your valve instead of the timer?  There are 2 simple ways to run most valves manually, one is with the bleeder valve which is located on the top of the valve (usually at the opposite end from the solenoid) and the other way is by using the solenoid to operate the valve manually.

When turning on the valve from the bleeder valve you will want to just make a complete 360 turn until the valve turns on and water starts flowing from the bleeder screw.  Shutting this off, is as simple as tightening the bleeder screw back down.

When turning the valve on from the solenoid, all you need to do is rotate the solenoid counter clockwise by 1/4 turn and reverse that to shut the water off.

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