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Lantanas Bring Great Color To AZ Landscaping

Lantanas come in both vine and shrub varieties but are usually smaller shorter shrubs with lots of colors.  The shrubs can get to be about 4 feet tall but usually are between 1-2 feet in height and the vines get to be usually around 4 feet in diameter.  They are a very green full looking plant with lots of colorful blooms that are tiny clusters that look like tiny bouquets of flowers.  They come in White, orange, pink, red and some multi-color variety mixes.  The purple blooms only come in the trailing vine and tent to be the hardiest varieties if you prefer plants that take the least amount of frost.  These shrubs do best in full sun and usually are frost sensitive that usually requires these plants to be cut back.  However, these shrubs are fast growing and usually get larger the following year after being cut back.  These shrubs do require moderate water and do best with a daily watering schedule during the summer months.  Here is our recommended watering schedule;


Maintaining these shrubs depends on how close they are to other plants or near streets or walks.  They can grow all year without pruning if they have room but many clients shape their lantana to keep them groomed or to keep them from other obstructions.  These plants love sandy soil but are hardy to most soil here in our Arizona deserts.  They can also be prone to white flies in the late summer and the sap from these shrubs can irritate the skin.

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