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Watering Tips During A Drought

Here in the SouthWest we are now in a Tier 1 water shortage due to the low levels of the Colorado River. This issue is not showing any signs of getting better so we want to put out some tips on what we can do to decrease the amount of water we use on our landscapes. Costs will go up as we increase Tiers of shortage and there will eventually be rules about how much water can be used in the future. Here are our recommendations;

  1. Choose desert adaptable plants that require less water in our region and are less prone to pests and disease. Here is a great list we love sending people to choose great options for your landscape. https://www.amwua.org/plants
  2. Decrease or limiting the amount of lawn/grass areas by converting it to artificial turf or desert rock.
  3. Conducting regular water audits to your irrigation system to make sure it is running efficiently and not losing or wasting water with any leaks.
  4. Converting pop-up sprrinklers to to MP rotors since these heads use 20% of the amount of water a traditional pop-up sprinkler uses
  5. Check and/or replace drip emitters and move them further away from trees as they mature. Also water less frequent but for longer periods of time to get a deeper water for the roots and get the most efficiency out of each watering cycle.

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