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Phoenix Landscaping Tips for February

February is a great month for landscaping, and there are many tasks that can be done to keep your space looking beautiful and healthy. Here are some general tips for February landscaping:

  1. February is a good time to prune deciduous trees and shrubs that are dormant. Pruning helps maintain the shape of the plants and encourages new growth.

  2. February is a great time to plant warm-season flowers, shrubs, and trees in Phoenix. The mild weather makes it a good time to get plants established before the summer heat arrives.

  3. Adding a layer of mulch to garden beds can help conserve moisture and suppress weeds in Phoenix’s hot and dry climate.

  4. Make sure your irrigation system is working properly and adjust your watering schedule as needed. Deep, infrequent watering is best for encouraging deep root growth.

  5. Give your lawn and garden beds a boost with a slow-release fertilizer to help them grow strong and healthy in Phoenix warm climate.

  6. Inspect your plants for pests and diseases and take action to control them before they become a major problem.

  7. Clean up any fallen leaves and branches in your garden and around your yard. This will help prevent disease and pests from overwintering in your landscape.

  8. In Phoenix, water is a precious resource, so be mindful of your water usage in your landscape. Consider planting drought-tolerant plants and adjusting your irrigation schedule to reduce water waste.

  9. Begin spring planting. As long as the forecast shows warming weather, plant tomatoes and peppers around the 15th of the month.

  10. Remember to keep weeding your yard. We recommend prohibiting weed growth now before it becomes an issue by using pre-emergents to keep your yard free of weeds into spring and summer.


By following these tips, you can help and keep your landscape looking beautiful and healthy throughout the year.


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