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Phoenix Landscaping Tips for March

4 Great Landscaping Tips for the Month of March here in the Phoenix area for our desert climate.


1.  Put down a starter fertilizer to establish your lawn for the Spring time since most of our summer grass goes dormant.  Click the link below to order this product yourself and click the DIY video link on how to apply it as well.


Link for starter fertilizer; https://a.co/d/dLv82P4

Link for DIY turf fertilizer video; https://azlawns.com/diyfert


2.  Increase all water times and cycles on your landscaping whether it is your plants, trees, or turf for the warmer months due to the increase in Springtime temperatures.  Here is a link to a recommended watering schedule for our desert climate;




3.  Put down a pre-emergent to prevent weeds in granite areas for 6 months.  We have a licensed applicator that can put down this product with a 6 month guarantee but if you want to put down a homeowner version of a pre-emergent, we recommend “Weed Stopper II” or “Weed Impede” which we will add links on what to buy and how to do it below;


Link to buy; www.montereylawngarden.com/product/weed-impede

Link for DIY video; https://azlawns.com/preemergent


4.  Now is a great time to plant trees, plants or even turf so that the new vegetation can establish good root growth before we get extremely hot or cold temperatures in our Summer and Winter months here in Arizona..  Here is a great website for recommended landscaping trees and plants for our desert climate, along with a video on how to plant a shrub below;





By following these tips, you can help and keep your landscape looking beautiful and healthy throughout the year.

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