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Testing For Bad Valve Wires

Sprinkler Valve Won’t Turn On With Timer

Do you have a sprinkler valve that will not come on when you manually operate the timer?  After you confirm both the timer and the valve are in good working condition by testing them directly, you sometimes have a bad wiring connection between the timer and valves.  One thing I did not explain in the video is that sometimes the diaphragm is bad on the valve and that would need to be tested before replacing the valve wiring since it is much less costly to do so first.

If you watch this video closely we show you how to test both the timer and the solenoid on the valve to ensure they are working properly before replacing the writing.  

The best way to test the timer is to turn a station on manually at the timer and connect the solenoid from the valve not working directly to both the ground and station directly to the timer to see if you hear the solenoid make the sound that would normally open the diaphragm of the valve.  Once these are both tested and you find that they are in good working condition, the only other thing that could be an issue is the wiring between the timer and valve or valves.

You can see from the video that we had to trench a line to bury the wire between the valve box and the timer to replace all of the lines since it is best to replace all wiring once you have started a project like this.


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