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Cost to Maintain Desert Landscape in Phoenix

Are you living in Phoenix, Arizona? How is your property coping with the desert climate so far? If you have desert landscaping with no turf at all, you’re probably wondering how much it would cost to maintain your property. 

Depending on how frequently you would like your property cleaned, here at AMS Landscaping, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance services and we also offer quarterly or semi-annual clean-up services whichever would be suitable for your landscaping needs.

We recommend a package of once a month, which is basically every four weeks, we come and service your property. This keeps the property under control, the weeds mitigated, and a section of the shrubs and trees trimmed each visit. This is so that everything runs smoothly in between visits and is still a lot more cost-effective than having it done weekly or bi-weekly.

Usually, we have clients who also wait for their place to get kind of messy. They call us quarterly or semi-annually to have their place caught up and we do a full clean up from top to bottom. Every bush, tree shrub, and weeds are cut, and the leaves are cleaned up and blown. This might be more cost-effective in the long run for the whole year but there’s a larger upfront cost for each visit as labor is on site longer to get the property cleaned up.

With desert landscapes, we also highly recommend PRE-EMERGENT in addition to any of these services we offer. For those of you who don’t know, Pre-emergent acts like birth control for weeds. You put it down once every six months preventing weeds from growing. This also helps keep your costs down as weeds tend to grow tall each visit especially when the rain comes before a visit.

Prices may vary because of inflation and other instances like fuel costs and the condition of your property. Here in AMS Landscaping, to give you a rough estimate, if you have a property of about 10,000 sq ft. A ballpark estimate of $150/visit once a month is usually the price. Having a clean-up done quarterly would have an estimate of $300-$400 and maybe a little bit more if it’s every six months.

Those are just some of the tips and costs you might encounter as you think about which services would work best for your property. I hope this helped you get an insight into how much it would cost to maintain your desert landscape.

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