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October Landscaping Tips

October is a transitional period as the weather starts to cool down in Phoenix, Arizona. Making it an excellent time to prepare your landscape for the fall and winter months.

Here are some October landscaping tips for Phoenix,

  1. Prune and Trim – trim back overgrown shrubs and trees to remove any dead or damaged branches. Pruning in October allows for new growth to establish before the winter, preparing them for the cooler months.
  2. Remove weeds – keep an eye out for weeds, remove them promptly to prevent them from spreading. Contact your local landscaping company for a pre-emergent service, this prevents weeds from growing out on your lawn. 
  3. Plan for winter and prepare for frost – while Phoenix does not experience extreme cold, frost can occur in the winter months. Be prepared to cover sensitive plants with a frost cloth/burlap and start planning your winter landscaping projects. Make changes to your garden layout as the weather becomes cooler.
  4. Mulch –  apply a layer of mulch around your plants and trees to help conserve soil moisture and regulate soil temperatures as the weather cools. This is especially important in the desert climate of Phoenix.
  5. Adjust irrigation schedule – as temperatures begin to drop, adjust your irrigation system to water less frequently but more deeply. Plants need less water in the cooler fall months.
  6. Plan your Fall landscape – fall is the best time of the year to plant in Arizona. Planning on what to plant now gives you time to see how to give your landscape the best conditions to establish strong, healthy root systems before the spring and summer growing seasons.
  7. Fertilize –  apply a slow-release, balanced fertilizer to your landscape plants to provide essential nutrients for their winter growth and overall health.
  8. Winter overseeding your lawn – October is the perfect time to prepare your winter lawn. Contact your local landscaping company if this service is available.
  9. Pest Control – keep an eye out for pests that may become more active as the weather cools. Apply appropriate pest control measures as needed.
  10.  Aerate – aerate your turf to allow water, oxygen, and fertilizer easier access to roots deep within the ground. When done in tandem with the fertilization process you can give your lawn the essentials it needs to survive its winter hibernation.  


Remember that Phoenix’s weather can still be warm in October, so it’s essential to maintain proper hydration for your plants. By following these tips, you can ensure that your Phoenix landscape remains healthy and attractive as the seasons change.





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