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AMS Landscape Maintenance: The Best Choice for Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance in Glendale, Arizona

Glendale’s Professional Landscape Maintenance Company

In the city of Glendale, Arizona, homeowners take great pride in maintaining beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. This is where AMS Landscape Maintenance comes in, providing top-notch lawn care and landscape maintenance services to residents and businesses alike. Our team of dedicated professionals has the skills, experience, and equipment to transform any outdoor space into a stunning oasis that adds value to your property.


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Expert Lawn Care Services for a Lush, Green Lawns in Glendale

A well-maintained lawn is the foundation of any attractive landscape. At AMS Landscape Maintenance, our comprehensive lawn care services ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Our services include:

  • Mowing and Trimming: Our team uses professional-grade equipment to mow and trim your lawn to the perfect height, promoting optimal growth and preventing weeds and pests.
  • Fertilization: We apply high-quality, slow-release fertilizers tailored to your lawn’s specific needs, ensuring it receives the right nutrients for optimal health and growth.
  • Weed Control: Our weed management program targets and eliminates invasive weeds, preventing them from overtaking your lawn and competing with your grass for resources.
  • Aeration and Overseeding: We offer aeration and overseeding services to improve soil compaction, promote root growth, and fill in bare spots, resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn.

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If you’re looking for the best lawn care and landscape maintenance services in Glendale, Arizona, look no further than AMS Landscape Maintenance. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and consultation. Let our team of professionals help you create and maintain the outdoor space of your dreams.

James Wexler
James Wexler
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The best Landscape Maintenance and design company in the Valley. Eli and his team are experts, knowledgeable, always on-time, and are extremely attentive to your specific needs. They go up and beyond as if each client is a VIP , but at fair market prices! Highly recommended! My yard never looked so good, and I have not worried about a thing!

Mr. Wilson Tinting
Mr. Wilson Tinting
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Appreciate working with a company that responds the same day and is knowledgable and fair pricing. Eli, love working with you and hoping to transform our concrete jungle into a paradise! Great advice and my wife is looking forward to a tree that changes color!

Prescott P.
Prescott P.
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AMS has been servicing a rental property for us for over 3 months. They always send a courtesy email before arriving which is great to let our tenants know. They have amazing pricing and they are hard workers!! The work is always very quality. I recommend AMS Landscaping to anyone, any day of the week!!!

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Professional Landscape Maintenance to Enhance Your Glendale Home

Beyond lawn care, AMS Landscape Maintenance offers a full range of landscape maintenance services to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best. These services include:

  • Pruning and Trimming: Regular pruning and trimming of trees, shrubs, and hedges keep them healthy and well-shaped, adding beauty and structure to your landscape.
  • Leaf Removal: Our team efficiently removes fallen leaves from your property, preventing mold growth, and maintaining a neat appearance.
  • Mulching: We apply mulch to your landscape beds to suppress weeds, conserve moisture, and add nutrients to the soil, promoting plant health and growth.
  • Irrigation System Maintenance: Our experts inspect, repair, and maintain your irrigation system to ensure efficient water usage and prevent damage to your landscape.

Why Choose AMS Landscape Maintenance for Your Glendale, Arizona Property

There are several reasons why AMS Landscape Maintenance is the best choice for lawn care and landscape maintenance in Glendale, Arizona:

  • Experienced and Skilled Team: Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry, ensuring high-quality results and superior customer service.
  • Customized Solutions: We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your property, creating a personalized and effective landscape maintenance plan.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer transparent and competitive pricing, ensuring you receive top-quality service at an affordable cost.
  • Licensed and Insured: AMS Landscape Maintenance is fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind and protection from potential liabilities.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Environmentally-Friendly Practices for Sustainable Landscaping

At AMS Landscape Maintenance, we are committed to sustainable landscaping practices that protect the environment and conserve resources. Our eco-friendly approach includes:

  • Water Conservation: We utilize smart irrigation systems and drought-tolerant plant selections to minimize water usage and reduce your water bills.
  • Organic Fertilizers and Pest Control: Our team uses organic fertilizers and integrated pest management strategies to promote healthy plant growth without harming the environment.
  • Recycling and Composting: We recycle and compost yard waste whenever possible, reducing landfill waste and providing valuable nutrients

AMS Landscaping Services In Paradise Valley

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Recurring Yard Maintenance

Set it, and forget it. Our teams will arrive at the same interval and keep your property looking top notch. No need to lift a finger for any of your landscaping maintenance needs.

Irrigation Services

Having issues with your sprinkler system? We can help! Our team is experienced in servicing all major types of irrigation systems, as well as installing new irrigation systems.

Small Landscaping Jobs

We are happy to take care of small landscaping jobs, including planting trees and adding plants, shrubs and flowers. We can also install sod and sprinkler systems.

Turf Maintenance

Regularly scheduled lawn maintenance includes mowing, edging and optional services like fertilizing and weed control to  keep your grass looking beautifully green and lush throughout the year. 


Gravel Care

80% of what we do is gravel care since there is so much granite and gravel in the valley. At least 25% of our client base has ONLY granite in their yard, but it still must be cleaned and maintained.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees getting a little overgrown? Shrubs looking a little rough around the edges? Our fully insured team has the tools and experience trim your trees and bushes so they look great.

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