Transplanting Trees or Shrubs in Phoenix

Can A Plant Or Tree Be Transplanted Here In Phoenix?

We sometimes get the question of whether or not a tree or plant can be transplanted.  We recorded an example of a smaller ficus tree that someone wanted to move it further away from the wall since they were concerned about how it would grow too big and damage the wall.  Once a tree or plant is established it can be challenging to transplant.  That doesn’t mean it can’t but there is a risk involved in transplanting it.  Tree roots will likely be cut and the shock of the transplant may kill the tree or plant completely.  Here at AMS Landscaping we no longer transplant trees or plants due to the fact we can’t guarantee that the tree will live and we have a 100% money-back guarantee.  Because of this we actually recommend purchasing a new plant or tree so we can offer our 1-year warranty after we plant it.

There are companies that do specialize in transplanting large trees, cactus, and plants like Native Resources International.  These companies exist because of laws that protect our mature desert species of trees when developers build communities that could potentially wipe them out.  Native Resources have a larger minimum charge so if you have smaller plants or trees to transplant, this option can be very expensive.

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