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Do-It-Yourself Weed & Feed Lawn Care in Phoenix

Do-It-Yourself Weed & Feed Lawn Care in Phoenix.

This video is about DIY weed and feed for lawn care in Phoenix, AZ. This video will show you how to treat weeds in your lawn without hurting the turf or grass. Weed and feed can be purchased at any Home Depot, Lowe’s or you local nursery for under $20 with a hose bib that allows you to apply it with a garden hose. Many weed and feed products will also feed the lawn to help improve the turf while killing the broadleaf weeds. You do need to be careful not to spray any plant leaves or tree leaves (kills through the leaf only). This product from Scott’s covers up to 6,000 square feet of infected turf area.

After buying the bottle that attaches to a hose bib, you can connect it with your home garden hose. Connect it and spray the product directly on the infected areas of your turf without getting any of the product onto any plants or shrubs. This product will kill most broadleaf weeds (weeds with large leaves) but if you find that it is not working on all of your leaves, please contact AMS Landscaping. There are commercial grade products that our contractors are licensed to apply that are much stronger but we find that this DIY version works great for any homeowner.

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