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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started?

Just email or call AMS and if we are not in the office we receive a message that you have left a voicemail and someone can get back to you within a few hours. We will take your name, phone number, email, address & any specifics about your property. Emailing is great as well since we can get the spelling correct of customer and street names; this also enables us to be ready with a bid day before we get back to you.

Does someone need to be home to get the estimate?

No, in fact most customers work during the day and we just access the property to take pictures for our records and email you over the estimate so you have it in writing. If meeting is urgent we can accommodate that as well.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

Usually it takes about 24-48 hours to get someone onsite to review your property for a free estimate, in most cases we email the estimate to you while onsite so you have a quote in writing explaining exactly what you can expect for the quote.

What does it usually cost?

Cost varies on the size of the property, quantity of trees and plants, & time it would take to clean up the property and the cost and time into hauling all debris away. The initial cleanup can start as low as $100 and go up from there. Maintenance cost varies as well; prices start at $45/visit and go up from there as well.

How far out is AMS scheduling once I approve the work to be done?

We can usually schedule a customer within 7 days after approval for the work is made. Larger jobs may have to be split up and may take longer to complete

How does the insurance that AMS carries protect me?

This is very important that any contractor is insured and carries workers compensation on employees. Insurance protects the customer if something onsite breaks or someone gets injured. The business liability insurance protects all property and injury that may occur due to a flying rock. Workers compensation coverage is great if an AMS employee gets injured on your property because the employee can sue the property owner if there is no coverage. Once an AMS employee accepts the medical treatment under the WC policy they nullify themselves from being able to sue.

Can we just use AMS as needed for special occasions?

Yes, we have many customers that only call us when they have problems with their sprinkler system, or only want their property cleaned up once every few months.We even occasionally get calls to plant a tree or a few shrubs one time only.

What are the hours of operations?

We work in and out of the office Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm, if we are out of the office you can leave a message and we will get back to you same day and usually within the hour. Crews start as early as 5 am in the summer and sometimes work as late as 3-4pm. They will sometimes work weekends only when there is rain or we are catching up from delays during the week.

Are AMS employees legal to work in the United States, do they speak English?

All AMS employees are E-verified to prove that they are legal to work in the United States. All crews have an English speaking crew foreman and are knowledgeable about landscaping and timer operation. All foremen are also SmartScape Certified with the AZ Water Users Association for the Cooperative Extension of the University of Arizona.

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