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How to Fertilize Trees in the Phoenix Area

Knowing how to fertilize trees in the Phoenix area can be difficult to gauge the value for, so we recommend hiring professionals that specialize in tree feeding and diagnosing issues if your tree is not doing well.

Diagnosing My Trees

I recently had Zack with Valley Tree Feeders over to my personal home to examine my trees and feed the trees that seem to grow slower and that are not doing well.

  • I had one tree that barely made it through this past winter and Zack discovered that it had a fungus on it.
  • He noticed that the trunk had some peeling and that was how you diagnose the elm tree that needed the fungicide that was both preventative and curative.
  • He also made a recommendation to do a deep root fertilizer to a few of my trees that were growing much more slowly than others.
  • He dug (3) 6″-12″ deep holes with his applicator pole that filled the holes with diluted liquid nitrogen (so it’s not frozen and comes in liquid form) to do a deep root fertilizer.
  • Zach also made many other recommendations for me that would show some drastic improvements to my trees using organic material that they also offer.

Get a Free Tree Diagnosis Estimate

These guys do free estimates to diagnose trees with issues and will make several different recommendations depending on the issues at your property that will prevent optimum tree growth.

We at AMS Landscaping highly recommend contacting these guys directly if you have any questions.

They also work with non-native species of palm trees that commonly need fertilization to prevent mold and disease, since they are usually less native to our desert climate.

Here is the best way to reach them:

Valley Tree Feeders

As of 5/29/18 their prices are about $25 per tree for nitrogen feeding and their minimum is $65, but all estimates are free.

They also usually recommend an organic treatment that helps improve the soil absorption for the roots of these trees that we also highly recommend that is a little more expensive.

If you have any other questions about our services, please contact AMS Landscaping at (602) 944-0421 or azlawns.com.

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