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What to Expect When Requesting a Landscape Bid

What Happens After Requesting a Landscape Bid

This video is about what to expect when requesting a landscape bid from AMS Landscaping.  I will walk you through my day as I give Phoenix residents a Same Day Estimate for their lawn care services or upcoming landscape project.

First, we need is to make sure you are in our service area so if you are emailing us an estimate, please make sure to send us your zip code.  This saves a lot of time! We don’t want to spend lots of time on the details of your project to find that we do not service your area. 

We can also refer landscapers to you if you are out of our service area. If you send us a physical address it can be more helpful, so we can get your lot size to even ball-park a maintenance price from that information alone. 

If you email us pictures of your property with this information below, we can respond with the estimate within just a few hours of receiving your email if it is during regular business hours.

Here is all the information we will need to know in order to schedule an estimate:

  1. Full contact name
  2. Business name if that applies
  3. Daytime phone number
  4. Physical address of property
  5. Description of service request

We can usually schedule estimates by the next business day in most cases for cleanups and maintenance.  However, emailing us pictures of your property will enable us to get back to you within just a few hours or less with an estimate. 

All we need is about 2-3 pictures of your front and then 2-3 pictures of your backyard to get you the bid (pictures do not need to be close-ups).

Sprinkler estimates sometimes will have to be scheduled further out.  If you need an appointment time window, we can provide that also but that will delay the bid day since we try to only make 1 appointment time window per day. 

Once we schedule our jobs for the day, it makes it difficult to know when each job will be completed.  However, we always call when we are on our way, so you know when to expect the estimate via email.

No one needs to be home during the estimate if you make certain there is access to the property.  We can call you from onsite if we have any specific questions.  We just ask that you make sure that your gates are unlocked, and pets are inside during the day.  If there is a community gate, we will need that access code as well.

Once we are onsite, we can put together the estimate on our smartphone or tablet to send to you via email, so you have the full estimate description in writing, so you know exactly what is included.  Please respond to us via email or phone if you have any questions about the estimate.  Here is a link to what is included in our services:


Usually the first visit will cost more since we have found most of the time, we need to get the property up to what is expected on the first visit for regular maintenance.  We will also add optional services to the estimate that are not required services, but options that maybe helpful.

If you want to move forward you will want to respond via email or through the online portal that allows you to choose which service, you have approved.  We prefer this since we have it in writing what you are approving and always remember that there is no contract (you can cancel any time) and we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Upon the approval you will get an introductory email from us that give you access to our online portal that shows you the last 24 months of billing and payments on your account.  We also require a credit card on file for monthly billing before we can schedule the work. 

We will run your card 24 hours after the cleanup and once per month after our monthly emailed invoice goes out to you.  The online portal only allows us to see the last 4 digits of your credit card.

After all this information is collected, we schedule the initial visit by a cleanup crew which is different than the regular maintenance crew.  The first visit usually takes us more time, so we have a dedicated crew that handles larger jobs for us and the regular maintenance crews are not overworked with these jobs on top of their routine jobs each day.   

Once you are given a routine service day, you will also get an email the week before confirming the day and asking about how the service has been going.  We are usually good at servicing the day we confirm to but sometimes rain or unexpected issues do arise, and we do our best to get to your property the next day. 

Also, when there is a holiday, we will sometimes move your regular service day to accommodate for that.

If you have any other questions, please contact AMS Landscaping at www.azlawns.com.  Also, please subscribe to our YouTube page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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