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How to Prune a Bougainvillea in Phoenix After the Frost

How to Prune a Bougainvillea in Phoenix After the Frost

Now is the time for homeowners to cut back any frost damage that has occurred throughout our chilly winter months.  Usually, the last frost in the valley happens around the 15th of February, but this year we got a late frost and even snow in North Scottsdale on the 22nd of February. 

If you cut back frost damage before our last frost, many mature native plants will survive this but it is more likely you can lose a young plant if you cut back the frost too soon.  

Many shrubs like the bougainvilleas, lantanas, bird of paradise, and yellow bells are just some of the types of shrubs that can take a frost but will grow back quickly this Spring after you remove any dead branches.  This video shows an example of a large bougainvillea that needs to be cut back to the stump where there is still life on the base of the shrub. 

There is moisture on the branches and instead of snapping, green branches will bend if there is still life in the plant.  You will want to make sure to get these cut backs done before the end of March and hopefully sooner since new spring growth is already starting to happen here in local Phoenix neighborhoods.  You don’t want the new growth fighting with the dead branches from the frost.

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