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It’s Spring! Time for Bermuda Grass Transition

It’s Spring! Time for Bermuda Grass Transition

It’s early April in Phoenix, AZ and we are starting to get warmer temperatures in the valley that is causing the winter rye grass to die. That means the Bermuda grass (or whatever summer grass you have) will take over.  However, this period is always difficult to navigate through since the dying winter rye never looks very good.

At AMS Landscaping, we always try to get through this period with the least amount of patchy grass as possible. Although it is not always easy, we try to catch it quickly enough to stay on top of the transition with heavy watering.

That sounds silly that all we do is increase water, but we can’t stress this enough since the warmer weather will require more moisture anyway for all of your landscaping. 

Especially as the winter rye dies and starts to leave patches of dead grass that are not always quickly covered with new, healthy Bermuda grass.

Here are the main options we promote to get through this period:

  1. Increase water by 50-100%, especially in transition areas.
  2. Apply a high nitrogen starter fertilizer to quickly get the Bermuda grass to fill in the bare areas.
  3. Use a thatcher to the large dead areas in order to remove the dead grass and promote the new Bermuda, or even lay down more Bermuda seed, if temperatures allow it.
  4. The last option is to shut the water off to purposely kill off the winter rye to come back a week later, and scalp it out completely to make room for the new Bermuda growth. (we try not to do this option)

There is an extreme option that we offer to completely remove the existing lawn with a sod cutter and install new sod. We have only done this one time to get the yard ready for a wedding that the customer had planned for the spring time and wanted the yard to be perfect in time for their special day.

Here is a link to our recommended watering schedule for everything in your yard as the season starts to change:


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