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Everything About & Growing The Red Hibiscus In Phoenix

Everything About & Growing The Red Hibiscus In Phoenix

This video is about the Red Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) that are often planted here in our Arizona desert. The plant is very noticeable with the large, fist-size blooms of the flowers (different colors are available, but we notice the red variety grows the best).

They also have large, dark leaves that make it look like a very thick and lush shrub. They get up to 6-10 feet tall and and about 3-6 feet wide, if they are planted in a proper area for optimal growth (they start at about 1-2 feet in height in a 5-gallon size).

They bloom fast and although they are deciduous, they do drop their blooms daily, but since they are larger flowers there is much less to drop which make these a great colorful shrub with little mess for pools and your yard.

They grow best in full sun with afternoon shade because they are native to southeast Asia. Since they are not native, they tend to be more prone to frost in the winter months if we get below 30 degrees and they are accessible to wind.

They do require more water, especially when you first plant them. We notice they do better closer to turf areas where it’s slightly cooler in the summer months and more moisture in the air. We do water these with our traditional watering schedule with most other plants – see our recommended watering schedule here:


After doing some research, we also found that the flowers are mildly poisonous and we recommend clicking this link for more details:


These shrubs also attract hummingbirds and are a great shrub with color for covering a back wall or to show just outside of a window.

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