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Monsoon Season Tree Trimming In Phoenix

Monsoon Season Tree Trimming In Phoenix

Monsoons season starts on June 15th, which means that strong storms can damage your trees if they are not pruned to allow wind to flow through them. Historically, we used to predict our monsoon season after three (3) consecutive days with a dew point above 50%, but Arizona changed that to help us prepare for the season on a more consistent basis. With that change, we can now plan on having our trees pruned before mid-June in preparation for the upcoming summer storms.

Heavy winds and rain can cause sever damage that will prevent your trees from growing healthy and to its full potential.  Trees still need protection from the sun so the trees should not be cut back too much, but rather thinned out on the inside to help with channeling the wind.

Also, June is the best month to schedule your tall palm trees to be trimmed.  Many palm trees have fruit that starts to grow on them, so having them trimmed right as this new growth starts is the best time to remove these branches from causing a mess in your yard.  Here is a great link describing the best times to trim many of our trees here in the Phoenix, Arizona area:


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