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How To Plant A Tree Or Shrub In Phoenix The Right Way

How To Plant A Tree Or Shrub In Phoenix The Right Way  

Often times when we get a tree from a nursery we find that over the months or years of growing the tree, they are transferring the tree into larger and larger containers.  Sometimes they will occasionally plant the tree too deep in their 15 gallon or 24″ box containers during the transition period as the tree grows.  So when they get planted in the ground it is important to check to see where the “root flare” is to make certain that the tree (or even shrub) is not planted too deeply.

In this video, we interview Kasey Billingsley with Harmony Horticultural in Phoenix, AZ, to show an example of a tree that was stressed by this.

In the video, the fruit tree was planted almost 6″ too deep and the stress caused the tree to die.  Trees can be fixed if planted recently but the best time to catch this issue is when you first plant them since it is easier to check for the root or trunk flare when the tree is first purchased.  The roots need oxygen and they get much less when the tree is planted to deeply.

Also, the health of the tree trunk is poor when it is covered too deep in the soil as well. If you think your trees might be planted too deep or if you have any questions about diagnosing trees or plants on your property, we highly recommend contacting Kasey directly:

Harmony Horticulture

(480) 751-8540




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