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Chinese Pistache Tree – A Beautiful Color Changing & Shade Tree For Phoenix Lawns

Get To Know The Chinese Pistache Tree

The Chinese Pistache Tree (Pistacia chinensis) is a beautiful color changing and shade tree that grows to be about 40-50 feet in height with a dark green compound leaf (multiple leaves per branch).  This tree is one of the few trees in Phoenix, AZ that changes with striking color and loses all of its leave in the winter (deciduous).

It produces green flowers in the months of April and May, but are not too showy and requires only moderate watering.  See our landscape watering recommendations at azlawns.com/watering.

Although these trees are native to China and the Philippines, they do very well right here in our Arizona desert climate. 

These trees can take the heat during our hot summers.  This tree is a moderate growing tree that can grow between 12-24 inches per year and grows upright with a rounded crown. 

You may have noticed that it does have Pistache in its name, it does not grow any kind of nut at all and it does not release any pollen of any kind so it is non-allergenic.

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