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DIY – How To Kill Weeds (Application)

This video blog is about what to buy and how to mix and apply the weed treatment to kill weeds the way a landscaper does it. Many times I hear people say that they purchase pre-mixed Roundup from their local garden or hardware store and that it was not effective. These ready-to-spray products can be okay but we find that they are less impact then using a concentrated product that you mix yourself.

First off you will want to pick up everything you will need;

  1. Concentrated Roundup (or some sort of weed killer)
  2. Pump sprayer
  3. Gloves, long sleeve shirt & protective eye wear

After you get all your supplies you will want to be sure to READ THE LABEL which is always the most important thing you must do first. The label will also tell you how much to chemical to mix in each gallon of water for the sprayer. The link above is for Concentrated Plus Roundup with a label that says you need to use 6 ounces per gallon we really like this homeowner version of this product because it comes with a measuring cup. After mixing the chemical with the 1 gallon of water, you will need to screw on the cap and pump the sprayer to build pressure in the tank which will allow you to spray weeds.

Before spraying we highly recommend wearing proper clothes and gloves and eye wear before applying. Then start applying all the treatment onto the green of the leaf of the weed. The treatment works through the green of the leaf with the photosynthesis process to kill the weed so it is harmless to roots or the soil. This product is made for grass and weeds only so if you have baby plants or trees that you are trying to kill you will need to use a stronger product since Roundup is not made to address this. Examples of this maybe baby palm trees that are growing in your yard from seeds. The weeds will take about 5-7 days to be completely dead but after the weeds die you can see if there any need to physical remove them since they usually shrivel up and die so they are not very visible at all.

Once the weeds are dead we would then recommend applying a pre-emergent to prevent need growth for 6 months. Here is a link to our DIY pre-emergent application video; https://azlawns.com/preemergent/

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