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At AMS Landscaping, we provide the highest quality landscaping maintenance and lawn care services for both residential and commercial properties in Scottsdale. With over four decades of experience, our team of experienced landscape professionals can handle all your landscaping needs, from Old Town Scottsdale to North Scottsdale, you can entrust your lawn and landscaping to AMS. Whether you need seasonal maintenance, irrigation, turf or just help with a small landscaping job, you can join the thousands of other home and business owners who have chosen AMS Landscaping to make sure the job gets done right.

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AMS has been recommended by hundreds of home and business owners who are looking for landscaping companies in Scottsdale. For over 50 years, we’ve been committed to putting our clients first, offering premium customer service, and delivering consistent results when it comes to transforming and maintaining your outdoor space. 

Our goal is to make sure your front yard, or backyard feels like an outdoor living space, a place where you can relax and enjoy your time with family and friends or provide customers with a beautiful and welcoming curb appeal. 

With AMS, we provide comprehensive lawn care services at an affordable price. Our landscaping services rang from mowing, seeding, and aeration to fertilizing, weed control, turf maintenance, and gravel care. We’re never too busy to help Scottsdale residents with their lawn care needs, small landscaping projects or recurring yard maintenance, AMS is the right choice for your landscaping service.

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We are so confident that we will amaze you with our landscaping service in Scottsdale, AZ that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

If you are not 100% pleased with our service let us know, we will come back out and correct this issue to your satisfaction or you don’t owe us anything!

James Wexler
James Wexler
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The best Landscape Maintenance and design company in the Valley. Eli and his team are experts, knowledgeable, always on-time, and are extremely attentive to your specific needs. They go up and beyond as if each client is a VIP , but at fair market prices! Highly recommended! My yard never looked so good, and I have not worried about a thing!

Mr. Wilson Tinting
Mr. Wilson Tinting
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Appreciate working with a company that responds the same day and is knowledgable and fair pricing. Eli, love working with you and hoping to transform our concrete jungle into a paradise! Great advice and my wife is looking forward to a tree that changes color!

Prescott P.
Prescott P.
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AMS has been servicing a rental property for us for over 3 months. They always send a courtesy email before arriving which is great to let our tenants know. They have amazing pricing and they are hard workers!! The work is always very quality. I recommend AMS Landscaping to anyone, any day of the week!!!


What's The Cost of Landscaping Services In Scottsdale?

Our Scottsdale landscaping services are mostly focused on the upkeep and maintenance of your lawn, plants, gravel and trees around your property. While we offer a variety of landscape installation services, such as sprinklers and irrigation systems, we’re not a landscape design company. We are always happy to talk about ideas and offer small landscaping jobs, that some of the larger Scottsdale landscaping contractors and landscape designers do not want to do. Where AMS excels and does a great job, is in keeping your outdoor space and lawn healthy and completely maintained, ensuring that you and your HOA always have a beautiful landscape to enjoy.


There are a lot of different factors when it comes to landscaping prices and many landscaping companies charge a variety of different rates. Here are few things to consider…

1. The size of the property

The size of the property is one of the most important factors that determines the price of landscaping maintenance service. The larger the property, the more time it will take to maintain it, and the higher the price will be.

2. The type of landscaping

The type of landscaping also plays a role in determining the price of service. Properties with extensive landscaping, such as those with multiple gardens or water features, will typically cost more to maintain than those with simpler landscaping.

3. The frequency of service

The frequency of service is another important factor in determining the price. Properties that require weekly or bi-weekly service will typically cost more than those that only need to be serviced monthly or annually.

4. The number of people working

The number of people working on the property also affects the price. If a property requires a team of workers to maintain it, the price will be higher than if only one person is needed.

5. The location of the property

The location of the property can also impact the price. Properties located in remote areas or those that are difficult to access may cost more to maintain than those that are centrally located.

6. The time of year

The time of year can also affect the price of landscaping maintenance service. Service during peak season (spring and summer) will typically be more expensive than service during off-peak season (fall and winter).

AMS Landscaping Services In Scottsdale

Every Yard Has Different Maintenance Needs

This is why we take time evaluating your property before getting to work, using your photos or taking photos to determine the best way to make your landscaping beautiful. We will provide a detailed plan indicating all stages of our landscape maintenance services so you will know what to expect once we’re finished. We also provide suggestions to keep your yard in good condition, from clean-ups and repairs to irrigation.

We do our best to make our pricing competitive without sacrificing quality. Our landscape maintenance quotes are based on the costs and time required to complete the job, not the neighborhood you live in.

Recurring Yard Maintenance

Set it, and forget it. Our teams will arrive at the same interval and keep your property looking top notch. No need to lift a finger for any of your landscaping maintenance needs.

Irrigation Services

Having issues with your sprinkler system? We can help! Our team is experienced in servicing all major types of irrigation systems, as well as installing new irrigation systems.

Small Landscaping Jobs

We are happy to take care of small landscaping jobs, including planting trees and adding plants, shrubs and flowers. We can also install sod and sprinkler systems.

Turf Maintenance

Regularly scheduled lawn maintenance includes mowing, edging and optional services like fertilizing and weed control to  keep your grass looking beautifully green and lush throughout the year. 


Gravel Care

80% of what we do is gravel care since there is so much granite and gravel in the valley. At least 25% of our client base has ONLY granite in their yard, but it still must be cleaned and maintained.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees getting a little overgrown? Shrubs looking a little rough around the edges? Our fully insured team has the tools and experience trim your trees and bushes so they look great.

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