Got Weeds? Don’t Touch That RoundUp!

Got Weeds? Don’t Touch That RoundUp!

RoundUp has the chemical Glyphosate that has been in the news recently about causing cancer in some cases.

AMS Landscaping shares the same concern that many other Phoenix homeowners do.  Because of this concern, we have been offering to remove weeds from your yard by hand and recommending pre-emergent to prevent weeds with a 6-month warranty.  Pre-emergent does not have any Glyphosate chemical in it and will prevent seed germination after heavy rains.

There are also many other safer chemicals that can be used to mitigate weeds in your grass and landscaping rock.  Find out more by contacting Jim Seaton with License to Kill Weed & Pest Control at (602) 481.3156 or online at

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